Animals Quiz is a game where in you need to guess what animal it is using 4 pics.

::Features ::
  • ★ FREE to download
  • ★ Tested on 7", 8" and 10" tablets, phones and being tested on an android TV
  • ✓ 50+ Animals
  • ✓ Five lives & Game over screens
  • ✓ Simple & fun game-play modes
  • ✓ High Quality Animal Photos images
  • ✓ Learning mode and Quiz mode
  • ★ Ad-free version will be available soon
Soon, we'll be adding more features like:
  • ♥ More info about the animals, life span, as well as their special features and their geographical location
  • ★ Hints & coin systems

Thanks in advance for ratings!
Hope you have lots of fun with the game :)

Finally, kindly leave us a message here or via our FB page if you found any issues or have suggestions.

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